About Western Ag

Western Ag’s biotic, interdependent community.

Western Ag Group of Companies is a private and growing group that was established in 1994. Headquartered in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, Western Ag has exclusive access to the proven, patented PRS® Technology.

Companies in the Group

The Group is made up of the following companies:

Western Ag Innovations – working alongside research scientists worldwide to gain insight into soil nutrient bioavailability through use of the PRS® Technology.

Western Ag Professional Agronomy – working through its Professional Agronomy Network to empower farmers to make optimal cropping decisions.

Western Ag Global – growing the business opportunity for Western Ag Professional Agronomy by identifying new markets to introduce the Licensed Business Partnership (LBP) opportunity.

Western Ag Seed Innovations – providing niche, high performance seed varieties to farmers through its Professional Agronomy Network.

Western Ag's Mission

Rather than a traditional vertical hierarchy, Western Ag prefers to look at the company, fittingly, with a biological structure. An organizational “tree” well represents the roles individuals play and emphasizes the inter-dependence of each team member. The health of our tree (our company) grows in response to combined efforts of its people to deliver professional services to our customers.


Western Ag's Guiding Ethos

Western Ag holds a company philosophy of business and ethics acting simultaneously. The most important question, above profit, success, and sales, is, "what is the right thing to do?" This question guides the business activities, relationships, and collaborations of Western Ag.

The 3 R’s are the guiding ethos of Western Ag and its people: Resourceful. Respectful. Ready to Lend a Hand.


Western Ag's Corporate Philosophy

Western Ag lives out its commitment to

  1. Our customers: To deliver outstanding service to all customers of Western Ag by understanding their needs, creating a trusting relationship, and empowering them through knowledge.
  2. Our team: To empower our professionals to nurture entrepreneurship, creativity, and professionalism. To treat all the entire Western Ag network with integrity and respect. This will in turn, mutually benefit the company and individual team members.
  3. Our industry partners: To set the standard of professionalism in the industry by maintaining a fair price structure that reflects the value generated and offers a professional service.
  4. Our planet: To investigate, develop, and communicate technologies and best practices that sustain our soil, our food supply, and a healthy environment.