LBP Business Opportunity

The Plant Root Simulator (PRS®) licensed business partner opportunity is rewarding, timely, leading edge and profitable. Contact Western Ag Global to attend an information session (available in person and online) on this exciting business opportunity.


The PRS Cropcaster® technology provides a forum to make a tangible difference in your part of the world: work with growers to Grow More Profit, produce more food, and be attentive stewards of the land.


With today’s global focus on sustaining our planet and managing our food supply, our soil is a critical resource. The United Nations states “new technologies [are needed] to grow more from less land, with fewer hands.” PRS® Technology is efficiency-gaining technology.

Leading Edge

PRS® Technology received the 2004 Synergy Award for Innovation from Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (2004); the business model was awarded Innovate North Dakota Idea Champion (2007).


The PRS® business opportunity boasts a low cost base and a realistic potential for positive cash flows from Year One. The profitable business model demonstrates low financial risk, provided local growth targets are met and best practices are implemented.