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PRS Cropcaster® recommendations have been applied to millions of acres and empowered farmers with the knowledge to Grow More Profit since 1998.


The PRS Cropcaster® service, powered by PRS® Technology, is intelligent, adaptive and farm-driven, unlike any other service available in the market.

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Our Network

Western Ag’s network of Professional Agronomy Consultants (PACs) present the options; you make the decisions and together with your PAC, formulate a plan.

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PRS® Analysis

PRS® Analysis measures the soil’s power to release nutrients to your crop. Accurate data is then input into the PRS Cropcaster® program to simulate in-field scenarios.

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Western Ag Professional Agronomy provides a deeper understanding of your soils and gives you the support and knowledge needed to optimize both yield and profit.

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Optimize Your Farm Today. Connect with a Professional Agronomy Consultant near you for more information or to book a free initial consultation.

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