PRS Soil Analysis

PRS® soil analysis, unlike conventional soil testing, measures the horsepower of your soil.

Plant Root Simulator (PRS®) probes are a unique, convenient, economical, and effective means of measuring variations in nutrient supply.  PRS® probes contain resin membranes in plastic supports to measure nutrient supply and are scientifically proven to simulate a plant root and measure available soil nutrients.

PRS® probes use the principle of ion exchange to measure plant nutrient supplies under actual field conditions. The plastic supports are easily inserted into the soil with minimal disturbance and are effective for measuring nutrient availability in all soil types. PRS® probes offer a close simulation of the plant systems, bio-mimicking nutrient absorption by plant roots. Because PRS® probes are exposed to everything that would affect nutrient supply to the plant, the testing results better reflect actual field conditions and nutrient availability than traditional soil sampling and chemical extraction testing.

PRS® Analysis has been used by thousands of research scientists around the world to gauge soil nutrient supply. Read more on PRS® Technology Research.