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Environmental controls on seedling establishment in a boreal forest: implications for Scots pine regeneration in continuous cover forestry

Häggström, B. M. J. Gundale and A. Nordin. 2023.


In nutrient poor and dry forest sites common to northern Scandinavia, Scots pine ( Pinus sylvestris L.) is the most common species both in managed and natural forests. However, Scots pine is sensitive to competition during establishment. Harvesting of all trees within a given area, i.e., clear-cutting, liberates regenerating seedlings from competition with mature trees. However, recent debates are in favor of clear-cut-free, i.e., continuous cover forestry (CCF). When choosing management method, it is important to recognize how competitive interactions direct the success of Scots pine regeneration. We studied Scots Pine regeneration at three environments: beneath the canopy of mature trees, at the canopy edge in full sunlight, and distant from the canopy with no in