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Applying PRS™ technology for nutrient management

Greer, K.J., C.A. Sulewski and R.D. Hangs. 2003. In Proc. Western Nutrient Management Workshop. J.W. Ellsworth (ed) Vol. 5: 170-175. Potash and Phosphate Institute. Brookings, SD


Assessing soil nutrient availability as a means of indicating the fitness for plants began with the post war applications of modern chemistry. Since then numerous variants of dilute salts, acids, and bases have been used to extract an amount of nutrient that the plant could find and take up. The value of these testing protocols, therefore, hinged on the correlative relationship between the chemical extraction and actual plant uptake. Calibration studies relating soil test levels and fertilizer response followed the adoption of the first chemical extractions. The majority of these studies were performed between the mid-1950's and the early 1970's. This correlative index of soil nutrients and plant response was performed over many sites, soil types and climates to amass the often-referenced "regional database".

Key Words

constrained-resource modeling, PRS™ Nutrient Forecaster, PRS™-probe, modeling nutrient uptake, nutrient management, nutrient supply rate