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Crop response to four sulfur products applied in north-central Saskatchewan

Sulewski, G.D. and J.J. Schoenau . 1997. InSoils and Crops Workshop Proc., pp. 545-552. Univ. Saskatchewan


A field study was conducted based on previous laboratory, greenhouse and field trial evidence which suggest a potential use for two alternative sources of sulfur fertilizer. The efficacy of (1) crystalline gypsum and (2) a pelleted elemental sulfur plus sewage sludge combination (DDS°) was assessed with canola in the year of application. Comparisons were made with existing sulfate and pelleted S°-based products. The study was conducted in north-central Saskatchewan on a marginally sulfur deficient soil. Results suggest crystalline gypsum was capable of providing sufficient sulfate supplies early in the growth season and residual sulfate levels were maintained. Over the growing season DDS° provided sulfate supplies and residual sulfate quantities which were similar to an existing S° product. However, both S°-based products provided inferior sulfate quantities when plant demand was highest and negative sulfur balances at season's end.

Key Words

Elemental sulfur, gypsum, DDS°, fertilizer