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Are Barley Yields on Eroded Calcareous Soils Restricted by Low Zinc Supply?

Greer, K. J., J. J. Schoenau and A. M. Szmigielska . 2002. Soils and Crops Conference Proceedings


Calcareous knolls are often relatively unproductive locations in a field landscape. This may be attributed to lack of moisture as well as limited nutrient supplies. A growth chamber study was initiated to investigate the role of micronutrient deficiencies in yield limitations observed on calcareous knolls. Three rates of zinc (Zn) fertilizer were applied to calcareous soils collected from both an Asquith and Amulet association. In addition, macronutrients were applied in sufficient quantities as to not limit plant yields. Barley was grown in the treatments, harvested, and the treatments were compared. Results indicated a highly significant barley dry matter yield response to Zn fertilizer.

Key Words

barley, zinc, copper, micronutrient, erosion, knoll, calcareous