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Determination of 2,4-D amine in soils using anion exchange membranes

Szmigielska, A.M. and J. J. Schoenau . 1995. American Chemical Society 43: 151-156


A new method for the quantitative determination of 2,4-D in soils by use of anion exchange membranes with GC detection was developed.  Preliminary investigation of ion exchange properties of pure 2,4-D acid on the membranes revealed that when a suitable solvent system is used, a quantitative recovery of 2,4-D acid can be achieved.  Linear relationships between 2,4-D acid removed by the membrane and 2,4-D concentration in solutions and soils were obtained within the range tested.  The developed method was successfully applied for the determination of 2,4-D amine from a commercial formulation applied to soil surfaces.  The method was tested in two concentration ranges representing a typical farm-spraying application rate and a spill.  The relationship between the amount of 2,4-D amine detected by membranes and the spike level on the soil surface was linear for both concentration ranges.  The applicability of the method was examined for a degradation study of 2,4-D amine after a spill.  The low detection limit and the simplicity of the procedure makes this method very suitable for 2,4-D determination in soils.

Key Words

2,4-D, anion exchange membranes, soil surfaces