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Evaluation of Nitrogen Supply Rate Measured by in situ Placement of Plant Root Simulator Probes as a Predictor of Nitrogen Supply from Soil and Organic Amendments in Potato Crop

Sharifi, M.S., D.H. Lynch, B.J. Zebarth, Z. Zheng and R.C. Martin . 2009. American Journal of Potato Research 86: 356-366


Nitrogen (N) supply from organic sources to the potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) crop is difficult to predict and to synchronize with crop demand. In this study, Plant Root Simulator™ (PRS™) probes were evaluated as a tool for prediction of N supply from two rates (300 vs. 600 kg N ha-1) of either a hog manure-sawdust compost (HMC) or a pelletized dehydrated poultry manure (NW) in Atlantic Canada. The cumulative PRS mineral N supply rate (PRS-N) measured for the period of 31 days after planting (DAP), soil mineral N at 10 DAP and soil NO3-N at 31 DAP were closely related to plant N uptake (PNU) (r=0.77, 0.71 and 0.73, respectively; P<0.001) and PNU plus soil mineral N to 30 cm depth at tuber harvest (PNU SMNh) (r=0.77, 0.81 and 0.74, respectively; P<0.001). The supply of N from organic sources to a potato crop can be predicted by PRS-N early in the growing season.

Key Words

Hog manure-sawdust compost, Nutriwave, Soilmineral N, Pelletized dehydrated poultry manure, Plant Nuptake, PRS™probes