PRS Technology

Food production is essential. Western Ag's lab is OPEN and receiving shipments of samples.


Since the PRS® Probes attract and adsorb ions through electrostatic attraction, all ionic species (i.e., nutrient or toxin) can be adsorbed and measured analytically. The analytical instrument (i.e., colourimetry, ICP, AA, FES, HPLC, etc.) used to measure the analyte concentration will depend on the ion of interest.

Western Ag Innovations determines NO3-N and NH4-N colorimetrically using an automated flow injection analysis system.  All remaining nutrient ion contents in the eluate are measured using inductively-coupled plasma spectrometry.

High-pressure liquid chromatography can be used to measure herbicide and glucosinolate contents in the PRS® probe eluate (Szmigielska and Schoenau, 2000; Szmigielska et al.,2000; Szmigielska and Schoenau, 1999; Szmigielska et al., 1998; Szmigielska and Schoenau, 1995).

Isotopic composition of eluant can be determined using mass spectrometry (d15N and d18O of nitrate, d34S) (Kwon et al. 2008, Mayer et al., in preparation).