Driving Profit for Farm Businesses

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Western Ag Professional Agronomy Consultants use the PRS Cropcaster® technology and service to provide value to farm business decision makers.

Synchronize Agronomics and Economics

Western Ag’s Professional Agronomy Consultants use a customized PRS Cropcaster® yield forecasting service to support farm business decision makers in crop and input selections specific to each field for optimizing profit, field by field.  This combination of Agronomy and Economics has resulted in up to 30% yield increases for many past customers. The PRS Cropcaster® service makes farmers money by informing them of profitable agronomic decisions.

Whether producers use the PRS Cropcaster® service on one field (Indicator Field) or their entire operation (Whole Farm Optimization), growers report a substantial increase in return on their investment.

Educate & Empower

Western Ag Professional Agronomy Consultants (PACs) are educators who challenge their customers with new, strategic business thinking. PACs empower farm business decision makers with the knowledge and information to make the most profitable decisions possible. 

Satisfied Customers

80% of our customers feel that the PRS Cropcaster® tool is an empowering farm management decision support tool (Integrow Study 2010).