Customer Information

Payment Options and Policies

  • No charges are incurred until a signed confirmation has been received by Western Ag Innovations
  • Payment information can be provided on the signed confirmation or separately by phone, fax, or email
  • Payment by credit card or purchase order is required before PRS Probes are shipped
  • We accept the following:
    • Credit cards
      • VISA or MasterCard
      • Cards are debited one or two days prior to shipment of PRS Probes unless alternative arrangements are made
      • Receipts emailed within two days
    • Purchase orders
      • Please provide all required information. A copy of the purchase order is appreciated.
    • Bank transfers
      • Bank transfer information provided upon request
    • Checks


  • There are no refunds for samples that are not submitted as part of an agreement. Credit for unused samples will be available to the researcher for one year after the original agreement ends. Please contact us if alternative arrangements are required.

Non-return of PRS Probes

  • A charge of $15 per PRS Probe may be levied for PRS Probes that are not returned or are damaged due to improper use.