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The PRS® probes provide a dynamic measure of soil nutrient bioavailability and are very cost effective, as they measure up to 15 nutrients simultaneously. In fact, when expressed in terms of price per nutrient data point, it is a much cheaper alternative to traditional soil testing.

Standard Research Service

We provide research clients with the PRS® probes required to conduct a study and the analysis of these probes after they have been used.

Other Services

Other elements or contaminates with an ionic charge can also be measured with PRS® Probes. Please contact us.

Special pricing is available for use of PRS® Probes for teaching. Please contact us.

Discount Information

Collaborative discounts of 10% are available for a Principal Investigator (PI) that agrees to provide a final report on PRS® probe results. Over 95% of our research clients receive collaborative discounts.

Free basic shipping is included with all orders exceeding $2000 (allow two weeks for delivery).     

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