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Checklist for Submitting Samples for Analysis

  1. Cleaning
    • Remove strings or other materials used to recover PRS® Probes.
    • Do not write on, mark or affix labels directly to PRS® Probes.
    • Hand scrubbing the adhering soil with a scrub brush and/or toothbrush while washing is necessary to remove sticky soil.
    • A pressurized washing system is often necessary for effective cleaning (e.g., Hydroshot portable power cleaner with 30 or 45° nozzle, stainless steel keg with air compressor and pressure washer gun).
    • It is extremely important to ensure that the membrane, plastic casing and any cracks are absolutely clean because any contamination with soil will alter the results.
    • Watch our videos for probe washing techniques:
  2. Bagging
    • Shake excess water off of each washed probe
    • Combine all PRS® Probes (both anion and cation) from one sample in one Ziploc or similar resealable bag
    • Ensure each bag is clearly and permanently labeled (preferably with a sample number that is sequential i.e. 1,2,3...)
  3. Shipping
    • Download template (Excel format) for listing of samples and complete
    • Log-in to upload sample list
    • Print out shipping summary
    • All required items in shipping package
    • Shipping summary with samples
    • All probes returned if project complete
    • All necessary forms if shipping across international borders
    • Download detailed instructions for returning PRS® Probes to Canada
    • Correct address (see shipping summary)